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Frank, I'm glad I may present a few moments of journey studying to your day. Hooray for the trio and pet pigeon for saving the day - er, evening! Speaking of kittens, I climbed up to the top of the barn to get a pigeon as soon as and ran into our tom cat up there in search of pigeons as effectively. "My pigeon ain’t silly," he stated. Ann, I'm glad you discovered time between "quick trips" to read this story. Deb, I have been ready so that you can read this story with concern and trepidation as a result of I do not know anything about provider/homing/messenger pigeons. I solely know what I learned with pigeons as a child. We additionally used to make forts in my Grandmother's barn when I was a kid. Forts and hideouts within the hayloft were underneath fixed building. Becky, I'm glad you had enjoyable with this story. Lee, I appreciate your type feedback concerning the story. Thanks for the type feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it. John, I'm joyful that you loved this story.

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